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Spring Equinox Growth Simmer Pot with Hekate, Persephone and Demeter


Spring is the time of year when plants are starting to come back to life and some animals come out of hibernation. Spring is about growth. In the Hymn to Demeter, after Persephone is abducted by Hades, Demeter is angry and causes the Earth to turn cold and the crops to die. Once an agreement is made that Persephone spent part of the year with Hades and part of the year with Demeter, the Earth warmed up and the crops grew again. This hymn symbolizes the seasons of Earth. From going into darkness in the Fall and Winter when Persephone joins Hades, to going into rebirth and warmth in the Spring when Persephone joins Demeter. If you are looking for growth in an aspect of your life, look no further.

What you will need:

•A medium to large size pot


•One candle (real or fake)

•Offerings for Hekate, Persephone and Demeter (examples include water, wine, pomegranate or other fruit, or cake. Whatever is accessible to you)

•Orange peels for happiness

•Apple slices for love

• Rose petals for self love

•Nutmeg for success

•Lavendar for healing

•Bay leaf for purification

•Clove for protection

• Flowers to represent spring

can substitute other herbs if you need to. Use what you have.**



  1. Gather all your supplies on your counter

  2. Fill your pot with tap or moon water

  3. Set up a mini altar for Hekate, Persephone and Demeter on your counter. This can include any imagery, a candle and offerings.

  4. Say an invocation or prayer. An example is "Hekate guide me with your torches to a path of growth. Persephone, walk with me as we both experience rebirth. Demeter, bless me with the fruits from your abundance as you allow Earth to grow again"

  5. Add herbs one at a time. State your intention "Orange peels, please bring me happiness... etc"

  6. Once all herbs are added, bring to a boil.

  7. Once it is aromatic, reduce heat and simmer for however long you like (2-3 hours is my recommendation.

  8. Turn off heat and let cool

  9. Once the simmer pot has cooled, you can either discard by separating the herbs from the water and disposing them or you can strain the herbs and keep the water for baths, offerings or to anoint yourself. Disclaimer: Please note that all recipes and advice given in the article is the opinion of the author, it does not constitute medical advice. Natural products can still cause allergies or other unwanted reactions. Please do not burn, ingest, or apply any products to your skin unless you have considered all the possible side effects and checked the laws in your state or country. Recipes are provided for information purposes only, and you should not use them unless you take full responsibility for the effects and consequences, or lack thereof. The author nor Covenant of Hekate cannot guarantee any results of any spells or rituals. Always practice fire safety.

Image source:

The Return of Persephone, Frederic, Lord Leighton, 1890–91 C.E

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Please be aware that the author's opinions are expressed in all recipes and advice in the article. Los Angeles Dodgers OG 2.0 Satin Jacket

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Spring is the time of year when plants are starting to come back to life OVO Las Vegas Raiders Jacket

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