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FAQ's - Rite of Her Sacred Fires


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the origins of the Rite of Her Sacred Fires?

The Rite of Her Sacred Fires was originally celebrated on the Full Moon in May 2010 to coincide with the book launch of “Hekate Her Sacred Fires” a devotional anthology in honor of the Goddess Hekate published by Avalonia Books with over 50 contributors from across the globe. The Rite was intended as a worldwide act of devotion in honor of Hekate with participants from around the world taking part in this unique event. It was a huge success and has been performed worldwide every May Full Moon thereafter.

When is the best time to perform the Rite of Her Sacred Fires?

The Rite is to be performed on the May Full Moon, the actual date will vary depending on the lunar cycles and your own geographical location. We realize it may be difficult to perform the rite at the exact moment the moon becomes full due to personal commitments etc. Therefore any time leading up to the full moon (i.e. the waxing full moon) is ideal and should be performed as close to the full moon as possible.

How do I know exactly what day and time the moon will be full?

There are many lunar phase calendars available on the internet. An excellent resource that can be customized for your own location may be found here:

Where should the rite be performed?

The Rite of Her Sacred Fires may be performed anywhere you wish. Whether it is in the privacy of your own home/sacred space or outdoors, whatever you are most comfortable with.

I have never worked with Hekate before. Can I still perform this rite?

You can. We do recommend that you read up a little about the history of the Goddess Hekate first before doing the Rite. Although it is not essential, it will prepare you and provide you with an understanding of Her symbols.

Can this rite be performed as a group?

Of course. The ritual facilitator(s) can adapt the Rite for group use. Popular choices are to do the ritual as “call and respond” (where one person reads and others repeat) or to have participants do some of it together and some individually.

Where can I find the ritual text?

The ritual text is available on this website, see Rite in Translation (currently available in several languages)

What materials will I need for the Rite of Her Sacred Fires?

You will need a candle (any colour or shape) or lamp, or other suitable fire to light and something to light it with. Other than this you will need a copy of the text. It is recommended you read through it at least once before doing the Rite as part of your preparation. Some people choose to memorise it but this is not essential.

What is the proper attire for the Rite of Her Sacred Fires?

Whatever you are most comfortable in. Your clothing may be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. A good rule of thumb is whatever you would normally dress in for rituals.

How do I know the correct way to perform the rite?

Instructions are given in the ritual text, but you may also find watching these recordings useful: Rite on film

What does the part of the invocation where the words “Askei Kataskei….” are spoken actually mean?

The invocation “Askei Kataskei Erōn Oreōn Iōr Mega Samnyēr Baui Phobantia Semnē” are what is known as the “Ephesian Letters” or voces magicae. For more information, please see Ephesian Letters

What are some suitable offerings for Hekate?

In this rite, the flame is the offering. There are of course many traditional offerings too if you follow a particular tradition you might want to do those offerings in addition to the Rite. Simple offerings include incense, oil, wine, and bread.

Where can I find more information about the Rite of Her Sacred Fires?

This section contains a lot of resources, so explore Rite of Her Sacred Fires. 

If you have questions, or suggestions or would like to share your photographs or films join our Facebook Group –

The Ritual texts can be found here

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