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Want to join us?

Before you start your application please read "Become a member" , Aims & Virtues  and "Hekate: An Introduction". 

To become a member, you have to apply to one of our membership centres (list below). You will have to undertake a process, which includes undertaking ritual work.  There are no membership fees.  We accept membership applications from individuals who are at least 18 years old at the time of application, have an established relationship with Hekate, and who are in sympathy with our goals, which are:

1. To establish an international society through which the history and mysteries of the Goddess Hekate, as the Cosmic World Soul, are studied, shared, and experienced.
2. For each member to strive towards fulfilling their full potential in all that they are and all that they aspire towards becoming.


Membership Centres (alphabetical)

You can currently apply for membership of the CoH through any of the following membership centres.  Please take note of the languages spoken by the Keybearers who are facilitating each centre, it is best to apply to a centre where your language is spoken, if available of course. In the first instance, contact the centre by email expressing your desire to join the Covenant of Hekate, and telling them a little about your own interest and devotion to Hekate.  They will get in touch with you - allow up to three weeks for a response.


Hecate Brimo Membership Center

Location: Seven Springs, NC U.S.A
Language: English
Rev. Renee Sosanna Olson, Keybearer
Website -

Facebook Group

Facebook Page

Hekate Propylaia Membership Center

Located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Spain
Languages: English and Spanish
Giovanna Diaz, Keybearer


Hekate Polymorphos Membership Center

Coventry, United Kingdom
Language: English
Kenn Payne, Keybearer


Hekate Potnia Theron Membership Center

Location: British Columbia, Canada - Emilia Romagna, Italy - Paris, France
(Sanctuary is mainly virtual, with some in-person events.)
Languages: English/Italian/French
Lotus Kozak, Keybearer (English)
(with assistance in Italian and French from Sara Valtorta)

Hekate Trioditi Membership Center

Location: Athens – Greece
Languages: Greek and English

Christina Moraiti, Keybearer


Hekate Hegemonen Membership Center

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Language: Portuguese (Br)
Francine Derschner, Keybearer e Patricia Elizium, Torchbearer 

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Membership Centre

"She (Hekate) is cicumlucent and circumfaced, and She holds the helm of the All"


The Chaldean Oracles, trans. Stephen Ronan, The Goddess Hekate, 1992. 

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