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Covenant of Hekate:
Keybearers & Torchbearers

Holding Torches and Bearing Keys for the Goddess we honour.

The Covenant of Hekate is a network facilitated by its members for its members.  We exist to be a meeting point, a crossroads, for devotees of the Goddess who are keen to reach out and work with others.  For some of us, that might only be possible in an online environment, and for others, there might be opportunities to connect with others who are local or when traveling.  Over the years, many fantastic friendships and collaborations have been created by members.  In particular, members (known as devotees) who feel they are able to help others might undertake a process towards becoming Torchbearers (people who give some of their time to help guide others towards a greater understanding of Hekate) and Keybearers (Torchbearers who make significant contributions to the community may be invited to share responsibility for the Covenant of Hekate by also becoming Keybearer if nominated).  

Torchbearer Eligibility:

  • Applications are welcomed from individuals who:

  • Has been a member of the Covenant of Hekate for at least six months;

  • Have a daily devotional practice to the Goddess Hekate; 

  • Have an active involvement in the CoH community, e.g. teaching, leading and contributing to projects, writing for the newsletter (Noumenia News), etc, and a desire to help develop the community and its activities into the future;

  • Have a good understanding of the history, attributes, and mythology of the Goddess Hekate and a desire to continue learning; 

  • Have an ability to respect the diversity of spiritual beliefs and perspectives held by other members, even when they are significantly different from their own; 

  • Have the ability to work independently, within the guidelines set by the CoH for different aspects of our work.

This is our current list of Torchbearers & Keybearers:



Sorita d’Este
Founder & Keybearer

Sorita d’Este is the author of The Rite of Her Sacred Fires written as a devotional offering upon the completion of the anthology book project Hekate Her Sacred Fires in May 2010. She created the Covenant of Hekate was created in November 2010 as a private community of devotees with the desire to expand their knowledge, understanding, and experience of the Goddess Hekate with others, and was supported at the time by nearly 20 “co-founders” all of whom were contributors to the Hekate: Her Sacred Fires project.
Today the Covenant of Hekate has more than 450 full members who participate in online discussions, shared devotional and creative projects, and meet in Sanctuaries facilitated by Torchbearers. The membership process involves a two-part self-dedication ritual,  which is explained in full in the “Membership” section.
As the founder of the CoH Sorita holds the role of Keybearer, which she considers like other ‘titles’ to be a job description within the Covenant of Hekate.  She also facilitates the Sanctuary of Hekate Soteira and the Sanctuary of Hekate Kleidouchos.

Andrea Angelos, London, UK 

Torchbearer & Keybearer
I live in London, where I run the Sanctuary of Hekate Magna. More details about the sanctuary and its activities may be found on our blog below. I have a Hekate shrine in Chile, which is under the guardianship of Myriam Reyes Pena, where we celebrate an annual ceremony in Her honour in the summer, usually in January or February.
I have been a devotee of Hekate for about 8 years, in conjunction with a lifetime dedication to Artemis of Ephesus. I am an initiate of Alexandrian Craft. I also practise Candomble, my cult is specific to Yemanya, Goddess of the Seas, and to Ogun, God of war, warriors, and iron. I have a deep love for the Cigana spirits as well. You may read some of my work in the anthologies From a Drop of Water (Avalonia Books), Priestesses, Sybils, and Pythonesses (Avalonia Books), and Hekate Her Sacred Fires. I have trained with indigenous healers and wise women and men of my country, as well as with curanderas and brujas in Mexico and Colombia.
Most of my work is centered around creating devotional and magickal spaces for personal and group work. Thus I helped to begin a Temple to Hekate in Madrid and spent six months in the lovely city of Granada where I established a devotional space to Hekate and taught courses in psychism, magick, and oracles. Part of that work “Following Her Moons” was my contribution to Her Sacred Fires, the devotional anthology to Hekate published in 2010.
My main areas of research are the Graeco-Iberian temples and also Hekate’s power over the five elements. My interest in Graeco-Iberian temples arose from a year spent in Spain when Hekate directed me to a certain area in Murcia. Research has led me to spend more time in Greece and also in Spain, where I teach through my Iseum Templo de Isis.
I may be contacted personally either through Facebook or at

Christina Moraiti, Athens, Greece
Torchbearer & Keybearer

Coming from a multicultural background, I’m a polytheist since I was a teenager and a devotee of the Goddess Hekate for the past five years. A lover of history, theurgy, and witchcraft. I live in Athens, Greece and my goal as a member of the Covenant of Hekate is the discovery and exploration of the Goddess’ history and role through the centuries.
A Keybearer of the Covenant with the purpose to explore her Sacred Epithets and find each and every depiction of hers in museums and archaeological sites around the world through my project “Following her Torches”.
All in harmony with the 5 principles of the Covenant.

Edward Catanzaro - Rhode Island, USA
Torchbearer & Keybearer

Edward Catanzaro is from Rhode Island, USA. His family heritage is from Termini Imerese, Sicily, and San Paulo, Brazil.
He has been immersed in Magic from a very young age, starting with transcendental meditation and Tarot at the age of 9. He was formally introduced to Witchcraft by a Priestess at the age of 14 and received his first set of Initiations at age 18.
He continued his journey in training and receiving Initiations in 4 other Traditions of Traditional and Family Tradition Witchcraft as well as some in Santeria and Palo. He was a Rosicrucian and is a 32-degree Scottish Rite Freemason and A member of the Knights Templar.
He is the High Priest of the Temple of the Ancient Mother Coven, founded 26 years ago, and is a certified herbalist and aromatherapist with a passion for growing herbs for Magical use particularly those sacred to Hekate.
Since joining the COH he has been exposed to the vast knowledge of like-minded and Spiritual people from all over the world and feels blessed and humbled to be part of this community. He has and will continue as a Torchbearer, to bring others into the realm of the Great Mother.

Emily Carding - Devon UK
Torchbearer & Keybearer

Emily Carding is a visionary artist and author who lives in a magical place in the mystical land of Devon with her faery daughter and three cats.
Her published work includes Faery Craft, The Transparent Oracle, The Transparent Oracle, and Tarot of the Sidhe. Her work has been published in books, magazines, and other publications.  You can find out more about her work at 

Florian Schlie, Lower Saxony, Germany
Torchbearer & Keybearer

I have been a devotee of Hekate for many years entering my life in when I began to get a deeper interest in magic, witchcraft, and ancient religions as a teenager. Since then She was there to guide me on all the paths and crossroads in my life. I am a practising witch influenced by HedgeWitchcraft, Traditional Witchcraft, Folk Magic and I am inspired by the religion and magical practices of Ancient Greece and Rome as well. I try to get inspiration for my modern spirituality and magic from the religion and practices from the past.
I am more on the crossroads where different spiritual and magical paths meet each other rather than on one single path itself.
I work as a nurse and live with my cats, dogs, toads, and snakes in a village in Germany. For some years I have organised open rites for the Goddess Hekate in my home and at a local crossroad where I care for a crossroads shrine. As Torchbearer I want to help people to connect with Hekate and to experience the mysteries of this ancient Goddess in the modern world.
You can contact me through my homepages:  and (in English)
Florian is the Membership administrator for all German language applications.


Francine Derschner, São Paulo, Brazil
Torchbearer & Keybearer

I am Brazilian, have a degree in history, and have always been fascinated by mythology and esotericism. I am the volunteer responsible for the Brazilian applications to the Covenant of Hekate. I started my journey with Hekate in 2012 when I was called to her service and since then, I have dedicated myself to Goddess integrally. Currently, I am a Torchbearer and Keybearer of the Covenant of Hekate.
As a Torchbearer, I facilitated the Sanctuary of Hekate Hegemonen, the Sanctuary is in São Paulo, Brasil and it is focused on the research and study of the History of the Goddess Hekate as part of the journey to get closer to her mysteries. Our rites and practices are modern, inspired by Western Mystery Traditions as well as Hellenic Polytheism. We are always seeking, through historical bases, to make Goddess worship accessible to the needs of modern devotees.
I also co-host the virtual sanctuary of Hekate Ourania-Pammetor with the wonderful Edward Cantazaro. In this work, we receive petitions from the CoH members. We then send the energetical support to the petitioner to achieve their goals. In addition to this service, we ask the petitioners to perform some act of charity.
As a Keybearer, I work with the healing of the self, an individualized program of self-improvement based on the connection with the Goddess Hekate in her many faces, to help the participants achieve emotional and energetic realignment. Due to the nature of this training, only a few members are admitted in each period of training. The work will always begin in August as part of a personal offering from the conductor of this activity to the Goddess Hekate.
Also, I am available to work as a Guide to Torchbearer candidates.
My goal in the Covenant is to assist other devotees in their reconnection and rediscovery of the Goddess and to expand the sacred flames of Hekate wherever I can, especially within the Brazilian community.
I also give lectures about the Goddess Hekate and organize public events and rituals for the Goddess of the Crossroads in São Paulo, as the Rite of Her Sacred Fires. I found, in helping our local community of devotees, a new way of servicing Hekate and deepens my devotion.
I can be contacted by my personal email:
Sanctuary of Hekate Hegemonen

Giovanna Diaz, Spain
Torchbearer & Keybearer

Giovanna Diaz is a Traditional witch as well as an active devotee of the Goddess Hekate. She has participated in numerous projects including the books Hekate: Antorcha en la Encrucijada by Lady Ayra Alseret, Hekate: La Luz que ilumina las Sombras and Guardiana de la magia. Currently working on a book of her own. She facilitates the Sanctuary of Hekate Propylaia which has recently relocated to Tenerife, Spain where she imparts online workshops among other things.
Ever since Hekate called upon her, she has dedicated her life to serving the Goddess in her sanctuary, with personal projects and her Cunning Arts.
She can be contacted through her personal email at

Hazel, London, UK

Torchbearer & Keybearer

Hazel (pseudonym) (half Greek/English) discovered Hecate in her teens in Greece in the late 1990s upon discovering her path with the Greek Gods. She joined the CoH in 2011 and has since developed an affinity for all things oceanic leading to many Oceanic/Hecate Einalian submissions to Askei Kataskei, several Einalian hymns on this website, and presenting the talk “Oceanic Hecate” at the Hecate Symposium in Glastonbury June 2013. At this symposium, she represented the water element at the closing ritual and she took on the Lustral Waters purification role in the 2014 Hecate Symposium ritual. She also does freediving now that she is AIDA 2* qualified, and consequently she is a mermaid! She has supported a variety of CoH projects and is part of the Creative Devotional Projects Team having led a few of these projects, some of which are oceanic-based. She is also a proofreader/ copy editor for Noumenia News and is willing to offer this service to anyone within the CoH on any Hecate-related piece destined for a CoH publication. She has written other non-oceanic articles for Askei Kataskei and smaller submissions for Noumenia News. She undertook an investigation looking at the portrayal of Hecate in Popular Culture. As she works under the pseudonym, you can contact her through the private Facebook CoH page where nearly everyone knows who Hazel truly is! Just ask for the Hecate Einalian devotee!

Kenn Payne, Coventry, UK

Torchbearer & Keybearer

Kenn was born in Cheshire, North West England but has resided in Coventry in the West Midlands for over ten years. He has consciously been on a Pagan Path since the age of 15, exploring different elements of Wicca, Witchcraft, Hellenic Reconstructionism, and Druidry along the way. The last decade has been heavily influenced and guided by his explorations into the Mysteries of the Goddess Hekate, specifically.He is a writer who has contributed small pieces to anthologies such as Bearing Torches: A Devotional Anthology for Hekate & Unbound: A Devotional Anthology for Artemis (Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 2009) and Paganism 101: An Introduction to Paganism (Moon Books, 2014). He is currently working on his own book project. The creator and original editor of the Covenant of Hekate ezine, Askei Kataskei (issues #1-7), he has also created and contributed several hymns, poems, and articles on various topics. Currently, he is working on an oracle deck project entitled The Oracle of the Hekatean Path together with artist and friend, Christopher Butler, and hopes for this project to be in circulation soon. His relationship with Hekate has indeed been gruelling at times but ultimately is one of guidance, personal healing, and empowerment. He seeks ways to venerate the Goddess in the 21st Century, whilst maintaining a healthy respect for the historical evidence and facts that can be coloured and infused by personal experience and gnosis. He is the High Priest of the Birch Moon Coven, a Tarot & Rune Reader, and facilitates a regular monthly Hekate Group locally. He led his first public group ritual in May 2019, celebrating the Rite of Her Sacred Fires. In March 2020 he established The Sanctuary of Hekate Polymorphos and through continued work and devotion to the Goddess, he hopes to teach and guide in Hekate’s many names with a desire to help and support those in the community; whether that be locally, internationally, in person or online.Contact: hekatepolysanctuary@gmail.comWebsite:

Lotus Kozak, Vancouver Island, Canada
Torchbearer & Keybearer

Lotus became a devotee of Hekate in the summer of 2013. She has been the editor-in-chief of Noumenia News since the beginning of 2020 and founded the CoH Postcard Swap in 2020 as well. As a Torchbearer one of her goals is to find ways that are not attached to social media, and sometimes completely off the internet, in which to connect CoH members across the world - which is what inspired the postcard swap. As a Keybearer she holds the Key to Hekate & Nature, with a specific focus on Animals, Trees & the Cosmos. Lotus is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, which is deeply reflected in her practice. She has a website, The Sanctuary of Hekate Potnia Theron, where the work regarding this Key is explored.  

Lotus resides on beautiful Vancouver Island (Unceded Traditional Territories of the Kwakwaka’wakw, Nuu-chah-nulth, and Coast Salish peoples) in B.C. Canada, and you can find her oft-changing various links here: 

Rev. Renee Sosanna Olson, North Carolina, USA
Torchbearer & Keybearer

Sosanna is an ordained spiritual counselor, a reader, and an intuitive living in rural North Carolina. She makes her home on the banks of the Neuse River, as the Neuse River Witch, with her partner of 20 years and their fur babies. She works with several divination tools but prefers photo and body readings. She has a strong connection to working with the beloved dead and conducts rituals to welcome them when the veil is thinnest. She joined the Covenant of Hekate in 2012 with the completion of the right of the red cord and delved into learning all she could about the goddess. She advanced to Torchbearer in 2014 and then joined the ranks as one of the first Keybearers in 2018. She strives to continually grow within her spiritual path and currently considers herself a Buddhist Hecatean. She looks to incorporate the five virtues and the four noble truths into her daily life.

Her professional certifications include:
CSM, CPO, PMI-ACP, Ordained Spiritual Counselor, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, International Yogi Certification, Certified Crystal Master & Aroma Therapy Practitioner, Expert Sound Healer

As a Keybearer of the Covenant of Hecate I have taken on the path of Scriba, Latin for Scribe, I hold the key to our stories, our past, and our future. In working with our online and print publications, I will look to share the words of our members in how they learn, grow, and evolve within their place as members of the Covenant of Hekate. I will create a space in our community to explore the words of the followers of Hekate and her companions, either by original creation or member submissions. I will record our successes and failures as we continue to learn about the mystical world of Hecate and those who honor her. Members who wish to participate should add their stories here. For further questions, contact is below. 
I can be found online working her magic at:

Robert Podmore, Shropshire, UK
Torchbearer & Keybearer

I am a Reiki master, a master teacher in NES (Nemeton Energy System), and an initiated priest with a Wiccan background. I have worked with Hekate daily for over 5 years now and honour the Goddess on all the festivals of the Wheel of the Year and at the New and Dark Moons – both solo and in the group. Attending both Hekate Symposiums, I have taken an active role in the rituals and I regularly contribute to the CoH magazine Askei Kataskei. I have two daughters and one grandson. I have worked as a chef most of my life and I have also taught cookery.
Feel free to contact me by email

Stacy Mathias, Maryland, USA

Torchbearer & Keybearer

Stacy is an eclectic witch, she began her training in Wicca in 1992, and she has since then built upon that foundation and embraced a broader spiritual view. She is Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition as well as an intuitive tarot reader. She also hosts the monthly COH social on Zoom. Stacy answered the call of Hekate in 2010 and began studying all she could about Her, which led Stacy to find the COH. Stacy became a Devotee member of the COH 11/20/2018 and became a Torchbearer on 2/8/2022.


Tinnekke Bebout, United States
Torchbearer & Keybearer

I am an ordained minister and founder of Our Lady of the Waters Temple, a Sanctuary devoted to Hekate Einalian. My roots are in feminist witchcraft and that is where The Boss, as I lovingly call Hekate, found me. The Mystai of the Moon (the priestess school branch of the Temple) was founded in 2008 as a feminist witchcraft circle devoted to the pursuit of the Lunar Mysteries. Our work with those Mysteries brought Hekate into my life and I have never looked back since the night She first showed up to let me know She required my Service. It was that work that also led me to Sorita and to contribute to Hekate Her Sacred Fires. I have been a member of CoH pretty much since the beginning, and I have had the honour of being a Torchbearer since 2013 as well as a Keybearer.
2015 has seen the culmination of my heart’s work The Hekate Tarot, a devotional project which I co-created with a Sister Priestess in the Mystai. This deck is entirely focused on the symbols and epithets of Hekate. I am also the author of The Dance of the Mystai which was first published in 2009. My next projects are The Feminist Intuitive Tarot and Upon a Moonlit Path, a new book that seized me recently and refuses to let go. It is about the modern devotees of Hekate and how the modern practices of working with Hekate have grown and evolved.
To contact me:




Alexia Moon, Braga, Portugal

Alexia Moon is a Hellenic Pagan and ordained Priestess of Hekate and Persephone through the Fellowship of Isis, as well as the founder of the Iseum do Caminho da Terra. She has been studying and practising Witchcraft and Paganism for over 15 years and has been devoted to Hekate for over 10 years. She currently lives in Braga, Portugal with her family and cats.

Most of her work is done through her website, Sob o Luar, where she publishes weekly articles on several topics within Paganism and Witchcraft, has a Pagan Directory, a Beginners Guide, and a Resources list to help those starting their path in Portuguese. She also teaches a course on Kitchen Witchcraft and one on Daily Magic. Additionally, she moderates online communities and has, in the past, worked on several projects such as podcasts, seminars, newspapers, and others, within Portuguese-speaking communities online. Within the Covenant of Hekate, Alexia has, in the past, been a moderator for the Rite of Her Sacred Fires Facebook Group, an Admin for the Facebook Page, and served as an Editor for the CoH Website.
As a Priestess of Hekate and Persephone, Alexia has made vows to help and guide anyone who needs within the Pagan and Witchcraft communities, by creating resources, making herself available for answering questions, and helping others by being a part of projects that help our communities.
Find out more about:

Contact: alexia.sophias[at]

Anamar Zúñiga Osorio, Viña del Mar, Chile

Art therapist and tarotist. Practising Eclectic Wicca and Feminine Spirituality, and a Silva Method Instructor. Devoted to and following Hekate since 2011, Anamar founded the first Goddess Devotees Group in her region which is an active and growing group.
She organises and carries out private and public rituals, celebrations, workshops, and talks, and takes part in the pagan movement at V Valparaiso Region, Chile. Anamar is currently a student of the Priesthood of the Sea in the Water Temple.
Contact: Facebook: Anamar Zúñiga Osorio
Facebook Group. Devoción Hékate, Chile –

Arabela Jade, Glastonbury, UK

Arabela Jade is a Psychic, Tarot reader, and Priestess who lives in Glastonbury.  Her work with the Tarot started in 2002 when having discovered her passion for working with this system of divination, she developed her own method with which to lift the veil to the mysteries of magic. She is a member of the Covenant of Hekate, a Priestess in the Fellowship of Isis, and has also explored witchcraft and sorcery in Mediterranean traditions.

Her popularity on YouTube has a large following within the Spanish-speaking community. Arabela is a regular contributor to Spanish language esoteric magazines and radio shows to expand the light of Hekate and her Mysteries. Additionally leads tours and ceremonies for visiting groups within the landscape of Ancient Avalon.
Find out more about Arabela and her work at:


Arie Bryant, Minnesota, USA.


I have been a pagan/witch since 2021 but have always been interested in paranormal, occult, and Greek mythology. I started my journey with Aphrodite and Ares, and that since has grown to Hekate, Persephone and a few Norse gods. I've been a Devotee of the Covenant of Hekate since 2022. I started my Torchbearer journey in 2023, which will put me in a good place to eventually become a priestess. I aim to teach others about Hekate, help others connect with her, and eventually open a temple in my state. Hail Hekate!

Colin, UK

Unfortunately, I have very little formal education, As I was born with a number of physical defects, which put me in Hospital from age five till eleven. So I missed five years, and because of the terrible trauma I suffered, I lost the power of speech, and when I finally learned to speak again, I had a very bad stutter. I have lived my whole life with P.T.S.D. Also, I suffer from Dyslexia, and I am left-handed.
When I did go to school, I was classed as “educationally subnormal” and abandoned to my fate, O! Did I hate school with a passion!. What saved me was I had a natural gift for working with my hands. I left school at fifteen, with no idea what to do, so my father put me into an engineering apprenticeship. While this was interesting, I did not light my fire.
During these five years, I discovered classical music, I loved the sound of string instruments, especially the violin. I did learn to play it ( very badly!), but I was fascinated with what made it sound the way it did. I left engineering and joined the violin trade, and I have never looked back. I have always had a mystical turn of mind. Which after many twists and turns, (I have been in and out of more belief systems than I care to remember). Brought me to Hekate, and She led me to the COH, and so here I am.


Colleen Kelly, Germany

Having something of a green thumb and a life-long fascination with and passion for both the healing herbs as well as the baneful ones, I have always cultivated a rather wild, yet lush garden, deriving great satisfaction from the nurturing and upkeep of my wards and from the comings and goings of the birds, bees, and butterflies it attracts. Looking back over my biography I realize Hekate was there all along, yet it was the act of dabbling in herbal magic, in the summer of 2012, which catalyzed my conscious awareness of Her.
I enjoy solitude and have been a solitary practitioner for most of my life, my magical knowledge and ways coming from someplace inside. After Hekate, I began to feel the urge to seek community, which is how I came to the CoH, and I have met some wonderful people since then.
From early childhood and well into adulthood I moved around a lot, living in various countries in Europe as well as in the United States. I am thankful for the rich cultural diversity to which I have been exposed. After settling in Germany and after my children were born (son, 1993, and daughter, 1995) I became interested in alternative healing methods and took up Reiki, Shiatsu, and other forms of healing.
Nowadays I do freelance work from home which allows me to live a flexible lifestyle that revolves around my devotional practice, my garden, dedicated to Hekate, and my service work.
As Torchbearer within the CoH, I enjoy participating in the online group whenever my active life allows. My special focus is on our local community here in Germany, which I hope will grow and thrive. I host regular meetings for meditation and study for those interested as well as the occasional open ritual. Beginning in 2021 I plan to organize outings to local power spots in my area. Anyone in or near Heidelberg is welcome to contact me.
My website:

Connia Silver, Sonoran Desert, USA

Although I consider Hekate to be one of my Matron Goddesses, I do honour others as well. My areas of interest include guiding others in developing a relationship with their own personal God/dess, and sacred dreamwork – both interpretive and lucid.  Since the early 90s I have taught various intuitive and Goddess mysteries through my home-study schools: In Her Name/Temple of Learning and the Crossroads Lyceum. I have contributed to two anthologies edited by Sorita d’Este –  “Priestesses, Pythonesses, Sibyls” and “Hekate, Her Sacred Fires.”
I also feel a deep connection with the Earth Mother, the beings and history of the Sonoran Desert, where I live with my husband and companion animals, putting organic and sustainable living into practice whenever possible. I welcome you to contact me at any time.


Diane Champigny, Massachusetts, USA

I am a Third Degree High Priestess and Lineage Elder of the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft currently living in Massachusetts, USA. I am an active member of the Society of Elder Faiths and have served as a Ritualist and Workshop Facilitator for the Wiccan Educational Society: a Global Pagan Community. I am a Torchbearer of The Covenant of Hekate and have contributed to the books “Priestesses, Pythonesses, Sibyls” “From A Drop of Water” “Hekate: Her Sacred Fires” and “Vs.: Duality and Conflict in Magick, Mythology and Paganism” published by Avalonia Books. My love and connection with Hekate has always been very deep and I welcome contact and inquiries from seekers who wish to learn and experience Hekate’s Mysteries in the Northeast Region of the United States. With sufficient interest, I hope to form a study group and perform rituals dedicated to Hekate in my area.
Inquiries may be directed to

Laurie Bianciotto, Marseille, France


Laurie Bianciotto is a longtime witch and practitioner of the Poison Path.  She is also a medium, magnetist, artist and writer. She is the author of "La Voie du Poison" (editions Danaé 2021) which happens to be the first book in French on the topic of the poison path. Laurie grows poisonous plants and practices her magic in France.   She started working with Hekate in 2017 and became a member of the CoH in 2019, in which she took responsibility over our social medias. 
She can be found on Instagram @les.energies

Larry Phillips, USA

I’ve been pursuing some version of the occult arts since I was in my teens when I first became aware of Hekate through a compilation of witchcraft fiction called Hekate’s Cauldron and also through a TV movie called “Midnight Offerings”.
Since that time Her name stuck with me. Through my teens, I began a solitary study and practice of Wicca and eventually was trained and initiated within the NorthWind Tradition of Wicca (founded by Grey Cat) where I was eventually elevated to the Third degree during the 1990s. After working in covens for a number of years, I returned to solitary practice and study focusing on non-Wiccan, traditional witchcraft which I continue to pursue to this day. Along with my traditional witchcraft practice, I am an initiate of the Ordo Aurum Solis, a Hermetic and Theurgic Order following the Ogdoadic tradition. It is through my work with the Aurum Solis that I encountered Hekate in an entirely new way; Her role in theurgy as expressed in the Chaldean Oracles and in the writings of Porphyry and Proclus.
As an artist, I have also focused much of my work on creating images of Hekate in oils and will continue to do more as She continues to speak to me. These paintings which are intended as devotional images for meditative, ritual work and prints will soon be made available.

Marcel Schrei, Germany


Living in the Ruhrgebiet area of Germany, Marcel has been a solitary pagan for 20 years, and a member of the Covenant of Hekate since 2015. He strives to balance respect for ancient customs with modern requirements and an individual relationship with the gods. His work with Hekate is mostly, but not exclusively, focussed on exploring Her chthonic mysteries and Her role as Psychopompos, the guide of souls both dead and alive. Marcel is also a devotee of Hermes, Pan, and Herkales.
As a torchbearer within the Covenant of Hekate he tries to inspire his fellow devotees to find their own individual ways to Hekate.
Marcel is also the caretaker of the Sanctuary of Hekate Psychopompos.

You can contact Marcel via his sanctuary:
Email: hekatepsychopomposcoh(at)web(dot)de

Octavia d. Giordano, Spain & Portugal

Octavia is a polyglot librarian and traditional/digital artist who lives in Spain but travels often to Italy where is part of her family and Portugal, a country she loves. 
She is Correllian Priestess, head of the Templo de Diana Invicta and strongly linked to the Greek and Roman pantheon. Had been living and working in many different European countries and learned first hand about pre-Christian cultures and religions, enriching her spiritual practice and divination methods. 
She worked constantly a hard road until becoming Torchbearer and developed a strong discipline and devotion to the ancestors and Hekate as Queen of the Dead and Empress beyond the Veil.

Palladia Soria, Athens, Greece

I was born in Spain, in Granada but since I was 18 I have lived in many different places: Vigo, Madrid, London… Part of my father’s family comes from Greece and I have always been in love with the Land of the Gods, so two years ago I moved to Athens where I work as a tour guide and study classical and modern Greek. I am married to a priestess who is a member of the Covenant of Hekate too and I am the mother of a fantastic boy who is 7 years old.
My spiritual journey began 15 years ago and like many other pagans, Wicca was my first stop. But my first trip to Greece was the beginning of a great transformation in my life and guided me to Hellenismos. I also practice Magic and Theurgy and I consider myself an eternal student who loves writing and reading books.
I have had the opportunity to be the Guardian of the altar of Hekate’s Temple in Madrid for four precious years. This altar was created in a ritual provided by Andrea Salgado six years ago as part of her contribution to the book “Her Sacred Fires”. I am a founding member of the Hellenic Community Panolympia in Spain and I continue to work for it translating and creating articles that provide information for Spanish speakers devotees of the Greek gods. Since I arrived in Athens I celebrate the New Moon with a ritual that is open to people who want to share the blessings of the “Ekatia deipna” at our table. I have facilitated the ritual of “Her Sacred Fires” both here and in Madrid, for devotees of Hekate. My intention is to open a sanctuary for Her in a few months to worship the Goddess and to honour her like a part of the Eleusinian Mysteries and her bonds with Demeter, Persephone, and Artemis.
I have a special connection with stones, not just for healing therapies, however. I am a student of the tarot and have been a reader for many years. I have a lot of experience in divination and oracle arts.
If you want to contact me my email is
I have one personal blog: and this is the blog of the Panolympia community:
In the light of Her torches. Always.

Patricia Elizium, São Paulo, Brazil

Graduated in psychology, a lover of dogs and rabbits, she is dedicated solely and exclusively to the Goddess Hekate within the Ancestral strand, inspired by Ancient Mystery Cults.
She started her journey with the Ancient Gods in the year 1990; and between the years of 2003 and 2004, during a great moment of crossroads in her life, she had her first encounter with this great Goddess who became the Lady of Her Paths. And since then, she has dedicated herself to serving Her in a priestly way with all her affection, respect, love, and devotion.
Patricia is very active within the Brazilian Hekatean and Pagan communities through the development of several projects inspired by the Goddess.

Founder of the Samothrace Tradition, Hierophant of the Temeno of Aegina, Devotee, and Torchbearer of COH (Covenant of Hekate), Member of CoTW (Covenant of the Waters), Bearer of the Light of Hekate (Temple of Hekate – Correllian Nativist Tradition), creator and founder of the Circle of Dadophoros, Creator of the Podcast Between Paths, Keys and Doors, Marine Priestess, Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis (FOI – Iseum Venerandum), Blesser and Healer.

She is the developer of the weekly project “Blessings of Hekate” in which every Monday night she sends the blessings of the Goddess to all those who want and need them.
In 2020, during the intense period of the pandemic, she developed the project “Trezena de Hekate Soteira”, which had the purpose of bringing together devotees of Hekate from all over the world, with the goal of together, united in a great web and in a single prayer, spread around the world the creative and healing flames of this Great Goddess, bringing light, salvation, welcome, hope and restoration to all humanity.

As a COH (Covenant of Hekate) Torchbearer, her main commitments are:
Dedicate herself more and more to the study and deepening of the Mysteries of the Goddess,
Actively participate in our Hekatean community, building rites, developing projects and helping devotees and seekers on their journeys,
To spread the light of the Goddess’s torches around the world, so that her mysteries can be understood, experienced, shared, and eternalized.
Patricia can be contacted through:

Paul Harry Barron, Wales, UK

Author, linguist, and healer Paul Harry Barron currently resides in a beautiful part of Wales (UK) where he runs a healing practice, specialising in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. His published works include The Book of Gold (2009) and The Grimoire of Pope Honorius (2012), as well as a textbook for Welsh speakers learning Esperanto.
Harry’s work has previously appeared in Horns of Power as well as Hekate Her Sacred Fires and Hekate Keys to the Crossroads in which he writes about his experiences and journey with the Goddess Hekate. Harry welcomes correspondence from individuals who feel they connect with his work, as well as anyone who shares a passion in both the Goddess Hekate and different healing traditions.
You can contact him at

Shay Skepevski, Sydney, Australia

As an occult artist and writer, Shay’s work features in books and online magazines including Askei Kataskei, Hekate: Her Sacred Fires (Avalonia), Bearing Torches (Bibliotheca Alexandrina), and Emily Carding’s Faery Craft (Llewellyn).
He is a painter and a poet, working in mediums of ink and acrylic, creating original artwork and passages heavily inspired by Old World European magic and the wonders of Classical Antiquity. He is an animist, panentheist, ecstatic, esoteric, Mystic, and initiated Witch who has a love for psychology, mythology, wild places, and otherworldly beauty.
A pagan Priest and Torch-Bearer to the Covenant of Hekate, Shay’s own little book of madness ‘Lunatik Witchcraft’ was a vision inspired by the mysteries of Hecate celebrating the madness of the moon, the undying Underworld and the primal, ecstatic soul.
Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Shay was brought up with the traditions and folklore of Macedonia which introduced him early to a world of magic and ritual reverence, circle dances, divination with dreams and secrets caught in coffee cups. His temple is the night sky, his High Priestess the moon, and his prayers are soaked with consecrated wine.

You can see more of Shay’s work as a Visionary Artist and journey as a Witch:

Facebook page “Lunatik Visions”

Silvia Bedregal, Guatamala


Silvia was born in Guatemala, she began her first steps on the pagan path at the age of 16, researching and exploring different elements of traditional witchcraft and Wicca. She is a wicca High Priestess , SANA Shaman, and Guardian of the Golden Gate. She has been an active devotee of Hekate since she was 20 years old.
She co-authored the books of the work group of the Temple of Hekate in Spain, under the name of Nesme Rea. The titles published in Spanish to date are: Hécate, la Reina de los Mil Nombres, (Hecate, the Queen of a Thousand Names), Hécate: La Guardiana de la Magia (Hecate: The Guardian of Magic) and and Hécate: La Luz que ilumina las sombras: del mito a la experiencia (Hecate: The Light that illuminates the Shadows: From the Myth to the Experience).  
For the last decade she has tried to make Goddess Hekate known in Guatemala through devotions and sharing information about her in Spanish. She continues her training as a priestess of Hekate by the temple of Hekate and the Fellowship Of Isis (FOI).

Contact Silvia:


Vikki Bramshaw, England, UK

Vikki Bramshaw is an author and researcher committed to studying folklore, religious history, and the esoteric since the late 90s. Some of her passions are theurgy, initiatory rites, and folk traditions.
Her most recent book, ‘New Forest Folklore, Traditions & Charms’ was published with Avalonia Books in Spring 2022. In this unique study, the author takes a deeper look at the traditions in plain sight as well as those hidden and forgotten.
Prior to this, Bramshaw released the ground-breaking ‘Dionysos: Exciter to Frenzy’, published in 2013 which explored the numerous facets of the god Dionysos, revealing the hidden faces of the thrice-born god and the extent of his influence in the mysteries of the ancient world.
Vikki has also released other titles and contributed to a number of anthologies, journals, and magazines over the years and speaks at a range of events. Vikki Bramshaw lives in rural Hampshire with her young son, cats, hens, and horses.

With gratitude and thanks to those who have held these roles in the past, but whose journeys have taken them elsewhere.  

Edward Catanzaro
Francine Derschner
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