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                The Covenant of Hekate Sanctuaries


The CoH is a worldwide organization with representatives in all corners of the globe. Our membership consists of DevoteesTorchbearers, and Keybearers. Torchbearers are devotees who have an additional commitment to the service of the Goddess. The title Torchbearer is not a rank it’s a description of this commitment. Keybearers are devotees who have specific specialized areas of development and service to the community. Entry to being a Keybearer is by invitation only.

As part of this role, each Torchbearer can create a space to celebrate Hekate. Keybearers do not facilitate sanctuaries unless they are already Torchbearers and do so in this latter role.

A sanctuary can be a permanent area where rituals can be held or a temporary space in a home or private location. CoH does not manage these spaces. Each Sanctuary is directly cared for by the Torchbearer, and one may or may not be required to be a CoH member in order to attend. There may be, however, other requirements for attending functions at the Sanctuary. This is at the discretion of the Torchbearer, who retains the right to refuse access to their space (physical or virtual).

Outlined below is a list of the current Official CoH Sanctuaries. Use the contact information provided for the individual Sanctuaries to inquire about events, rituals, or public events. A Sanctuary brings together devotees, enabling them to work and perform rituals together.


The Sanctuary of Hecate Brimo

Torchbearer: Rev. Renee Sosanna Olson

Location: Seven Springs, North Carolina, U.S.A



FB Group:

FB Page:


The Sanctuary of Hecate Brimo will be a virtual first sanctuary where I will support and guide those looking to walk with Hecate along the middle path. We will honor the five virtues and conduct our days in line with the goddess. We will focus our energy on helping those in need, protecting those who cannot protect themselves, and lifting those who have fallen.  The physical sanctuary will be located in Seven Springs, North Carolina, on a small 3.5-acre plot near the Neuse River. When possible, we will conduct rituals for the dark moon and solstices. 


Our work for the community will support those less fortunate by supporting our local outreach groups. Blessing Box of Goldsboro and Furever Paws.

We will be a public sanctuary open to members and non-members of CoH.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Amaimaketon Basilian – Athens, Greece

Torchbearer: Danae Soria

Location: Greece



The Sanctuary is located in the heart of Athens. That is why the main goal of the Sanctuary will be the study and worship of Hekate as it was in Ancient Greece. We also want open space for devotion and magic through shared knowledge and practices so we can learn from each other. The shrine has a special interest in worshiping the Mysteries of Eleusis and the essential role that Hekate has in them. The Sanctuary intends to work in the sacred places we fortunately have so close to us which is why we can offer advice to other CoH members visiting Greece. In the future, we hope to incorporate oracular trance and healing into our agenda.

Meetings: The Sanctuary organises several events throughout the year that will be announced on the Facebook group which will be only for members of the Covenant. Non-CoH members may come to these events but with an invitation. The meetings will be in Athens although some activities can take place in specific sites.

Requirements for attendants: CoH membership or by personal invitation. Monetary exchange is not accepted under any circumstances. But they will be accepted as offerings for the Shrine and the Goddess as well as food and drink to share with everyone.


The Sanctuary of Hekate Einalian – Indiana, USA

Torchbearer: Tinnekke Bebout

Location: Highland, Indiana, USA (near Chicago)



The Sanctuary of Hekate Einalian is near Chicago and open to anyone from the Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana/Wisconsin/Southwest Michigan region who is simply interested in working with and learning more about Hekate in a community of folk who are devoted to Her. We also welcome people from outside the region to be part of the group through Facebook. The Sanctuary is currently not having in-person group rites due to Covid. We are having New Moon Zoom Sessions.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Enodia, Chile

Torchbearer: Anamar Zúñiga

Location: Vina del Mar, Chile.


Page Sanctuary in FB:

Study Group:



The Sanctuary of Hekate Epiphanestate Thea (Telford, UK)

Torch Bearer: Robert Podmore

Location: Telford, England UK



The Sanctuary of Hekate Epiphanestate Thea is a closed group it is a group for like-minded devotees and ritualists from all walks of life and spiritual pathways. All are dedicated to or wish to learn about the Goddess Hekate both as the world soul of the Chaldean Oracles and also as Epiphanestate Thea (Most Manifest).  Within the Sanctuary so that we may better understand her mysteries. we will explore these mysteries  and also explore the meaning of her epithet “ most manifest “   ( clear, plain, apparent, evident, patent, palpable, distinct, definite transparent undisguised, unmistakable, unquestionable, undeniable, perceptible, visible, recognizable, observable, obvious.)

We will use various techniques including discussion, meditation, and drumming as well as formal rituals.

The Sanctuary is a devotional space dedicated to Hekate, to hold her energy, and to awaken and draw to Her those who are her spiritual and magickal devotees. This is a space for devotees to give offerings and prayers.

The Sanctuary will carry out its devotional and practical work at every Full and New Moon, we will also honour sacred days though out the year.

Requirements for attendance: : The meetings are open to all Covenant members who may wish to attend and some meetings may with prior agreement be open to invited guests who have expressed an interest in learning more about the Covenant and the Goddess Hekate. All members attending will be expected to dress appropriately in clean, dark, comfortable clothing. As some meetings may involve outdoor work walking in the woods etc the focus is on practicality.


The Sanctuary of Hekate Hegemonen – São Paulo, Brazil

Torchbearer: Francine Derschner (Keybearer) e Patricia Elizium (Torchbearer)

Location: São Paulo, Brazil



The Sanctuary of Hekate Hegemonen located in São Paulo, Brasil is focused on the research and study of the History of the Goddess Hekate as part of the journey to get closer to her mysteries. Our rites and practices are modern, inspired by Western Mystery Traditions as well as Hellenic Polytheism. We are always seeking, through historical bases, to make Goddess worship accessible to the needs of modern devotees. We choose the epithet Hegemonen, which means “Guide”, to name our Sanctuary, for just as Hekate guides Persephone on her journey from the underworld, each of us was brought and guided by the Goddess Hekate to answer her call. As Hegemonen guided and illuminated our steps, we wish to be a light for new seekers willing to know and experience the Goddess Hekate.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Kleidouchos

The Sanctuary of Hekate Kleidouchos is an international sanctuary within the Covenant of Hekate facilitated by the Keybearers, Christina Moraiti, Francine Derschner, Giovanna Diaz, Renee Olson and Sorita d'Este.  It is open to all existing members of the Covenant of Hekate, who are at least 22 years old at the time of application.

This Sanctuary started as a program of study developed by Sorita d’Este for members and was created out of the need expressed by some members for regular, guided practice and learning.   We have a continued program of personal development, guided independent study, and practice, all of which are aimed at allowing us as individuals to develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with ourselves, our Goddess, and the world around us.  There is an emphasis on symbolic language, historical context, continued development of the use of the 5-senses – and psychic faculties, and most of all personal practice. It takes inspiration from history, the Western Esoteric Traditions, and practices developed by its founder.

Candidates undergo a 5-8 month period of practice, meditation, devotion, and independent study as part of the application process, as well as ultimately temple work.   The course material and feedback are conducted in English.

We are rooted in history, drawing on historical literature, art, and archaeology for our inspiration; with our living branches firmly in the 21st century – using the technology, knowledge, and other tools available to us today.  We respect the ancient knowledge passed down to us by those who went before, but do not seek to recreate history past, instead, we seek our beliefs and create our rituals and practices in the present for the history of the future.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Magna – London, UK

Torchbearer: Andrea Angelos

Location: London, England UK



The Sanctuary is a devotional space dedicated to Hekate, to hold Her energy, emanate it, awaken, and draw to Her those who are her spiritual and magickal devotees. This is a space for devotees to give offerings and prayers to Hekate available by prior appointment. Basic facilities for CoH members include being able to undergo Temple purifications and Temple sleep when seeking healing and guidance of a spiritual nature with the assistance of the Torchbearer. This is in keeping with one of the basic functions of a Sanctuary within the ancient world. We place emphasis on the development of good quality oracular and other trance work in priestesses and priests leading to improved and sustained communication with Hekate and the retrieval of techniques from the past in Her cults.

Private meetings: Generally for only CoH members but others may come by invitation. The Sanctuary will carry out its devotional and practical work at every New Moon. For some of the  Full Moons, we will meet for oracular work which is only for people who already have experience of such work or who have trained in the Sanctuary.

Requirements for attendance: In order to worship and make offerings privately this will need to be arranged by prior appointment, whether members of the CoH or other Hekate devotees. Visitors will not necessarily be invited to ceremonies, but the effort will be made to find a mutually suitable time for personal space to worship and make offerings. Prayers, requests to Hekate and offerings may also be made in absentia by contacting the Torchbearer. Monetary exchange is not accepted. Offerings to Hekate herself may take the form of plants, candles (red or natural beeswax), flowers, olive oil, bread, honey or red wine. Those who wish to make a permanent offering are requested to consult the Torchbearer before doing so.

Este santuario recibe miembros de habla hispana. Para ams detalles por favor leer nuestro blog hispanico, la seccion membresia.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Melaneimon – Spain

Torchbearer: Octavia di Giordano

Location: Cáceres, Spain


Instagram: @hekate.melaneimon


The mission of the Sanctuary is to keep a constant altar to honor and remember our long-lost and recent ancestors through the study and worship of the Goddess Hekate.

We create prayers and offer events and rituals for CoH members focused on Hekate’s role as psychopomp and queen of the dead. There are other events and activities open to all the devotees, like tarot and oracle readings and short courses about the Holy Darkness and Shadow Work from a pagan point of view.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Ourania-Pammetor (International, Online)

The Virtual Sanctuary of Hekate Ourania-Pammetor is dedicated to the Goddess Hekate for the sole purpose of helping all those in need within the Covenant of Hekate. The Service provided by this Sanctuary is to transmit energy, as well as guidance and knowledge (where appropriate) to those truly in need in order to assist them in their daily struggles, whether these be health-related issues, spiritual or psychological questions, or for protection.

We are a team of people from varied backgrounds with diverse metaphysical gifts who are dedicated in Service to Hekate and furthering her worship. This Sanctuary utilizes the combined forces of two Epithets, Hekate Ourania – “Sky/Heavenly” and Hekate Pammetor – “Mother of All”, to assist us in channeling and directing Her energies to answer your petitions.

Each petition is carefully processed and assigned to one of the Sanctuary Members in a private and confidential manner to support you in attaining your goal or desired outcome. We cannot make any claims to said outcome as we are simply facilitating the energy to assist you, with the hopes that you will achieve your heartfelt desire.

Under no circumstances shall any request for negative or harmful outcomes or cursing be considered, as this Sanctuary is built upon Love, Compassion, and Healing.

In addition to this Service, the Sanctuary of Ourania-Pammetor will ask that you perform some act of charity to a person, an establishment, or an organization, to balance out the exchange of energy, as there is no charge for our Service.

Contact Edward Catanzaro or Francine Derschner for more information.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Pasikrateia – Lower Saxony, Germany

Torchbearer: Florian Schlie

Location: Aerzen (near Hameln), Lower Saxony, Germany



The Sanctuary of Hekate Pasikrateia is dedicated to Hekate as the Great Goddess. The Epithet Pasikrateia means the Almighty One or Queen of All. It comes from the 3rd CE. At this time the Goddess Hekate was viewed as the Great Goddess and Magna Mater, ruling over heaven, earth, and the underworld. As a Goddess that is the embodiment of nature, She is the ensouler of the cosmos and ruler of the cycles. In this Sanctuary we are inspired by the views of Hekate in Late Antiquity- but we are modern people. We try to learn from the wisdom of antiquity but in a way that fits to our modern time and world.

The focus of the Sanctuary is the experience of the Goddess and to create a living and breathing connection to her. To revive her mysteries and explore these through meditation, rituals, and mystical and magical practices. We view the Goddess Hekate in a holistic way as a universal and polymorphous Goddess that reveals herself in many forms and ways. We understand these many forms as different aspects of her being. The meetings of the Sanctuary will take place on different dates throughout the year. We will organise open rituals, devotional practices, and meditations. The meetings are open to all people who have an interest in Hekate and to those of all spiritual or religious backgrounds. We expect that all attending people treat each other with respect.


Philosophy of the Sanctuary:

*The goals of the CoH are accepted and fulfilled in the workings of the Sanctuary.

*The Goddess Hekate is viewed as the Great Goddess, Cosmic World soul and embodiment of nature.    *The Goddess is viewed as a real existing being. It is not necessary to believe in her to attend in our rites and meetings but to be open to the experiences. The focus of the Sanctuary is more connected to the direct experience of Hekate.

*Nature is viewed as the living and the ensouled manifestation of the Goddess. Everything in nature is sacred and ensouled by Hekate. The divine is embodied in nature and we can experience it through our connection to nature. Nature is seen as the living body of the Goddess.

*Through rites, mystical practices, and magic it is possible to connect with Hekate, to contact her, and to experience her.

*Magic is seen as something natural, nothing paranormal. Magic is neither black nor white but a natural power that connects everything in the cosmos with each other; the creative power that flows through the cosmos and through everything.

*The cosmos is seen in a holistic way. It is more than just physical. It has three realms: Material, Astral/ Etheric, and Divine/Empyrean which harmonise together. Spirit is weaved into the matter.

*The main focus of the Sanctuary is on Hekate and her mysteries. Next to her, there can be a focus on other Gods and Goddesses that had a connection to her in antiquity. If rites/meetings will take place outdoors the local nymphs and spirits will be acknowledged too.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Pharmakeia, Rhode Island, USA

Torchbearer: Edward Catanzaro

Location: Rhode Island, USA


The Sanctuary of Hekate Pharmakeia is Dedicated to the Goddess Hekate who governs over all plant life. She teaches us the process of birth, death, and rebirth through the Magic of Nature. Like the seed, everything holds that Spark of Divinity within itself which is pure in essence and connects us to the universe.

Our Work is mostly based on Ritual and much of our Magic is associated with the Herbal Kingdom. We strive to connect to Hekate’s sacred plants and trees, in order to rediscover and uncover those energies so that we may be inspired by them. We apply that inspiration and those vibrations to both time-honored and present-day applications.

The Sanctuary is located in Rhode Island, USA. We gather once a month for Ritual and meditation, wort cunning, and spell crafting. We are a closed devotional space, however, we strive to bring new members into our Family and lead them to become Devotees within the COH. Although being an Herbalist is not a prerequisite, a base knowledge of Herbal Lore is advantageous. We do not introduce any poisons by ingestion or by absorption. Our Path within the Poison Garden is one of Magic and Illumination.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Phosphoros – Glastonbury (England) and Online

Torchbearer: Arabel Jade

Location: Glastonbury (England) and Online



Hekate is the one who carries the torches of illumination that light the way, bringing the light into the darkness. Hekate is the fire of knowledge, of truth, and of the spirit itself, being the light that resides in the heart. Hekate is the divine spark in our being that illuminates the darkness of the soul.

Commitment: This Sanctuary is based on the 5 Virtues of Hékate Justice, Compassion, Wisdom, Temperance and Courage proposed by the Covenant of Hekate. My commitment as a Torchbearer of the Hékate Phosphoros Shrine is to offer information about Hékate and an annual ritual for the members.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Polymorphos – Coventry (West Midlands), UK & Online

Torchbearer: Kenn Payne

Location: Coventry (West Midlands), UK & Online



Facebook: “The Sanctuary of Hekate Polymorphos (CoH)”


As a Sanctuary within the Covenant of Hekate, we look to honour and work with Hekate Soteira (Saviour) as described within the Chaldean Oracles, but we also accept that there is no “true” form of Hekate and that as “Polymorphos” (Many Formed) we can explore Her many aspects and titles as well as learning to understand how She chooses to appear to each of us.

Meetings: In addition to the online presence and community via Facebook (and potentially a website/blog), there will be a regular monthly group held to explore Hekate that is open to anyone in the local area who is interested in attending. Other public and occasionally members/invite-only gatherings will take place throughout the year, marking various holy days and celebrations such as the annual Rite of Her Sacred Fires.

Requirements for attendants: The Sanctuary of Hekate Polymorphos is open to all Covenant of Hekate members as well as non-members at the discretion of the Torchbearer. Interactions between individuals both online and in person should be carried out with fairness and openness, mindful of the Sanctuary’s aims, the 5 Virtues and the nature of Hekate’s divergent and diverse nature.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Potnia Theron
Keybearer: Lotus Kozak
Torchbearer: Sara Valtorta
Location: International – Virtual Sanctuary (with some in-person events.)
The Sanctuary of Hekate Potnia Theron is open to all devotees of Hekate and

focuses on building a relationship with the Goddess through a land and spirit-
based tradition created by Sara (Italy/France) and Lotus (Canada), which is

rooted deeply within all of Nature; Hekate’s domain of land, sea and sky. Much
of the work on this path with Hekate is performed within a sacred astral
landscape they created. The sanctuary shares historical information about
Hekate, as well as providing support to devotees in the form of introductory
information about Hekate, devotional practice, visualisations, prayers, rituals
and more. They also maintain an inner sanctum community on Discord; offering
different activities related to Hekate, land and spirit-based practices, and
Magic(k). While the sanctuary is mainly virtual, in-person events are also offered.

Il Santuario di Hekate Potnia Theron è aperto a tutti i devoti di Hekate. La sua
pratica si focalizza sulla costruzione di un rapporto diretto con la Dea attraverso
un percorso spirituale basato sulla Natura, gli Spiriti e il Cosmo, di cui Hekate,
Signora di Terra, Mare e Cielo, è l’anima stessa. La tradizione creata da Sara
(Italia/Francia) e Lotus (Canada) si fonda su un lavoro di profonda connessione
con le energie della Natura, con gli spiriti del luogo e con gli elementi all'interno
di uno spazio sacro astrale creato appositamente per il Santuario. Il Santuario si
occupa anche di divulgazione storica, supporto ai devoti (introduzione a Hekate,
preghiere e rituali, pratiche di devozione, meditazioni...) e attraverso la comunità
su Discord vengono proposte attività legate allo studio di Hekate, alle pratiche
specifiche del santuario, e alla magia in senso più lato. La maggior parte degli
eventi si svolge online ma sono previsti eventi in presenza ed è inoltre sempre
possibile contattare le referenti per richieste di informazioni, aiuto o preghiera


The Sanctuary of Hekate Propylaia, Tenerife, Spain

Torchbearer: Giovanna Diaz

Location: Tenerife, Spain



In the Sanctuary of Hekate Propylaia we worship the Goddess Hekate in all of her forms, with altars for the Ouranian/ Soteira, Chthonian, Einalian, Pharmakopeia, and witchcraft aspects holding special places in our practices. We are working on building a space for shared knowledge and worship, for workshops, special rituals, and community among Her devotees, online and in place.

Meetings: The sanctuary organizes meetings such as workshops and rituals of mixed attendance on special occasions such as Hekate’s Night. We are always open to visitors.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Prytania, Chile

More information soon.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Psychopompos, Germany

Torchbearer: Marcel Schrei
Location: Bochum, Germany
Contact:  hekatepsychopomposcoh(at)web(dot)de


The sanctuary’s goals are:

to explore Hekate’s chthonic mysteries through study and oracular work and to share insights about said mysteries

to inspire and support those of Her devotees who as well walk the chthonic path

to perform rites of remembrance for the untimely dead

to perform rites of gate opening, to assist the willing lost souls on their way to the next world, regardless of their personal backstories. The immortal gods judge the dead, we just open the door.

To support the living lost souls, by supporting charity organisations which care for the poor and/or outcast souls on the fringe of society. Also to encourage fellow devotees to do the same in their local communities, always according to their abilites.

The sanctuary’s worship is focussed on Hekate Psychopompos and Soteira as Soul of the World and Guide of Souls, but also other aspects of the Many-formed Goddess. We may also call upon deities and spirits who are either conflated with her or connected to Her by mythology (e.g. Artemis-Selene, Demeter, Persephone, the dead) or share a liminal and chthonic aspect (e.g. Hermes, Herakles, Pan).

Other Info and Guidelines
Physical location of the cult icon is in Bochum, NRW, Germany. The sanctuary will reach out online as well.
The doors of the Sanctuary of Hekate Psychopompos are open to members of the Covenant of Hekate as well as other devotees, by the torchbearer’s discretion. There is no formal membership.
The sanctuary’s practise is rooted in ancient greek custom. However, it is not re-constructionist, as we akknowledge that change is a law of nature. We encourage every devotee (and infact everyone) to find their own individual path towards the Divine.
The Sanctuary of Hekate Psychopompos is strictly non-profit and does not accept monetary or other donations. If you would like to support our cause, please support a local charity which provides help to the poor, sick or otherwise cast-out members of society.


The Sanctuary of Hekate Pyrtania-Zootrophos – Maryland, USA

Torchbearer: Stacy Mathias

Location: Sparrows Point, Maryland – USA



The Sanctuary of Hekate Pyrtania – Zootrophos is a sanctuary within the Covenant of Hekate and is dedicated to Hekate-Pyrtania (Queen of the dead) and Hekate-Zootrophos (nourisher of life), as such we recognise the importance of honouring the dead, and celebrating life with all it has to offer. We strive to embody the five virtues of the Covenant of Hekate at all times.


Services/Commitment: We offer monthly Deipnon rituals, a yearly ritual for Hekate’s Night in November, and the annual Rite of Her Sacred Fires. Rites will be available both online and in person to those wishing to participate. Members and attendees are welcome to leave prayers, petitions, and blessings on the shrine of the Sanctuary or send them via e-mail to be placed on the shrine by the torchbearer on their behalf.


Note: The Sanctuary of Hekate Pyrtania – Zootrophos is open to all Covenant of Hekate (COH) members as well as non-members at the discretion of the Torchbearer. Interactions between individuals both online and in-person are to be carried out with fairness, openness, and respect, bearing in mind the 5 Virtues of the COH. The work and celebrations of this Sanctuary are rooted in the here and now, though we do draw inspiration from historical sources. We focus our Rites on our own personal experiences gained from exploring the Mysteries of Hekate.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Soteira – Glastonbury, (Somerset) UK

Torchbearer: Sorita d’Este

Location: Glastonbury, UK





Membership of this Sanctuary is by invitation only and runs rituals in Glastonbury, Somerset. It is a ritual group dedicated to Hekate as the Saviour as she is seen in the Chaldean Oracles, but also throughout her long history. We honour her as the Cosmic World Soul, the Source of Virtues, and the Initiatrix who teaches us about the Mysteries of Life, Death, and Rebirth. We honour her as the three-fold goddess of Heaven, Earth, and Ocean who guards and protects the liminal thresholds and allows us to shatter illusions. Hail Hekate Soteira!


We aim to meet at least 6 times a year. Our ceremonies often have a teaching component, combined with ritual.  We do incorporate oracular trance in our rituals. 



To facilitate a meeting space for those interested in exploring the Mysteries of Hekate Soteira, in her many forms and by her many names in the Somerset, UK area, in which we can both offer devotion and explore closer communion with the Lady of the Crossroads, through trance, oracle, ritual, and contemplation.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Trioditi (Athens, Greece)

Torchbearer: Christina Moraiti

Location: Athens, Greece


The Sanctuary of Hekate Trioditi is located in Athens, the city where Hekate was widely worshiped since ancient times. It is formed with the aim to help the people reach Greece with verified information through the map “Following Her Torches” to find Hekate in the capital and around other places on Greek soil and beyond. Through the study of Her Epithets, the Sanctuary stands as a constant place of knowledge and information about Hekate’s many aspects. Always following the Five Virtues of the Covenant of Hekate, the Sanctuary is open to all of Hekate’s children and it will exist with the goal of preserving information about the Goddess Hekate and it will aid those in need of guidance and help. With Torch and Key at hand, may we all be Enlightened.

Eye in the center of a flaming torch with the words Sanctuary of Hecate Brimo and est 2015 circling it.
sancftuary hekate soteira
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