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Finding My Voice: A Journey from Silence to Song

Every person carries within them a song, a unique melody woven from their experiences, dreams, and struggles. My song was muted for much of my life, an intimate echo that I feared to share with the world. As an abuse survivor and a proud lesbian, and through my spiritual journey as a follower of the goddess Hecate, I have navigated through shadowed paths where my voice was often stifled. But the journey from silence to song is not just a personal triumph; it's a testament to the transformative power of encouragement and self-expression.

I recall a particularly disheartening moment that symbolized many years of being silenced. While singing along to a song in the car, my sister asked me, "Who sings this song?" When I told her, she replied, "Well, let them sing it." Her words, perhaps thoughtless, stung deeply. They reinforced the message I had received for years: that my voice and expression were not worthy of being heard.

However, life gives us the keys to our cages when we least expect them. About two months ago, a simple yet profound encouragement from my partner marked the turning point in my journey. We were in the car when he turned to me and said, "Sing." It wasn't just a request to fill the silence with music; it was an invitation to fill my own silence with the sound of my voice. For the first time in a long time, I felt permission from love and acceptance, not judgment.

Since that day, I've been singing out loud. Singing has become more than just a release for me; it's a declaration of my existence and a celebration of my resilience. I’ve also started learning to play the bass, adding another layer to my story. This new outlet has not only been therapeutic but also empowering. It's as if every note I play carries away a piece of my past burdens, leaving space for new growth.

This newfound confidence hasn't just stayed in the realm of music. It has seeped into other areas of my life, including my job, where I find myself more engaged, assertive, and capable. I've discovered that when you express yourself authentically in one area of your life, the strength spills over into others.

Embracing this empowerment has also led me to take on a leadership role within the Covenant of Hekate, an international community dedicated to this ancient goddess's mystical and magical aspects.

Leading meetings and engaging with others who share a reverence for Hekate has been profoundly enriching. This year, I have the honor of presenting the Rite of Her Sacred Fires—a significant ritual observed by devotees worldwide on the first full moon in May. It's a moment where I can weave my voice into a larger tapestry of worship and community, celebrating the light of Hekate and the inner light within all of us.

Sharing this transformation feels essential. If my story can inspire even one person to find and use their voice, whatever that might mean for them, then every step of my journey has been worth it. You might have been told in so many ways to pass the mic, step back, or remain quiet. Maybe your truths seem too inconvenient or your dreams too big. I'm here to tell you: sing. Sing in your style, at your pace, but sing.

Our voices, whether in song, speech, or silence, carry power. They can be vehicles of change, compassion, and self-acceptance. I’ve learned that even when you’re singing someone else’s song, you can sing it with your voice. And in that act, you reclaim the music and your place in the chorus of life.

Remember, every voice deserves to be heard – especially those quieted the longest. So, let’s sing – for ourselves, those who can’t, and for a future where every voice can rise in its own beautiful, undeniable strength.

Renee Sosanna Olson

Originally posted on By Her Fires - 4/29/2024

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Beautiful! Thank you!🌹🌹🌹

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