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Embroidering Hekate’s Garden by Leohnorah - Noumenia News Archives

Embroidering Hekate’s Garden

Supplies needed:

  • A sewing needle

  • Threads in different colors

  • A piece of fabric, or an item you wish to embroider

3 Stitches to learn:

  • Back-stitch

  • Lazy daisy

  • French knot

Embroidery is more simple and more easily accessible than it looks. For this craft, you will be able to incorporate these simple designs into altar cloths, your ritual garb, fabric sachets, and temple décor. Your needle will be your magical tool, allowing the transfer of your energy into every stitch. Creating is a magickal act, and to aid us we can all chant as we stitch. I offer chants I’ve written here, but you can write your own or perform your favorites, too!

Originally appeared in Noumenia News Issue 51

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