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A Modern Iynx for Hekatean Magick by Leohnorah - Noumenia News Archive

A Modern Iynx for Hekatean Magick

Dua Lipa’s new music video with Hekatean symbolism was cool, but the discussion that ensued in the community after was even better! Sorita D’Este’s blog on Patheos, “Hekate’s Wheel & the Iynx Wheel”, inspired this craft idea. The Iynx’s repetitive whirring sound is perfect for entering a trance state, useful for the coming dark season. This tool could also be used beyond love-drawing spells to draw other essences into our lives. 


  • 3 Inch (approx. 7.6 cm) Wooden Round 

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Hand Drill (Can be bought on Amazon or hobby stores, often used for model building)

  • Acrylic Paints in at Least 2 Colors (I suggest red, black, silver, or bronze)

  • Paint Brush

  • An Arm-Span Length of String, Cord, or Yarn (The stronger the better)

  • Scissors

Optional Supplies:

  • Mod Podge (Applique glue) 

  • A Printed-Out Picture of Your Favorite Symbol


I learned the hard way that a strong cord is best. During testing, I used 3-ply 100% cotton yarn. On the third test spin the yarn snapped and the disc flew right at my sweetheart! If you’re using this for a one-off spell, you can get away with a weaker yarn or string. For intense meditative use or group use, maybe try a waxed or stronger woven cord! 

If you feel like getting extra creative, you can test different sized and shaped rounds to find the best sound. Different materials may also make different whirring sounds.


  1. Use the ruler and pencil to find and mark the center of your wooden round.

  2. Drill two holes with the hand drill on each side of the center mark. The two holes should be about ¼ inch apart. Make sure your holes are big enough to fit your yarn or cord through. 

  3. Paint your wooden round (both sides) with your favorite Hekatean symbols. For the first one I made, I painted the Hekate Wheel that has been popularized with metallic red and matte black acrylic paints. It helps to think about how the symbol you choose will look when rotating fast. You can also add symbols related to the essence you wish to draw into your life if you plan to use the iynx for a single specific purpose.

  4. ALTERNATIVE: Print out your symbol and cut it out. Then paint the Mod Podge onto the wooden round and onto the back of the printed paper symbol. Press the symbol onto the round, then paint over the top side with Mod Podge to seal it. 

  1. Once your wooden round is completely dry, use the hand drill to reestablish the two holes in the middle as needed.

  2. Measure out and cut an arm-span length of yarn or cord.

  3. Thread the ends of the cord through the holes. Tie the ends together. 

How To Use Your Iynx:

Hook the cord/yarn loops around a finger on each hand with the wheel suspended in the center. Swing the wheel around to wind it up tight. Then, pull your hands apart pulling the yarn taught. The disk will spin, and the cord will unwind. It will continue to spin, winding up tightly in the opposite direction and drawing your hands back together. Loosen your hands, allowing the motion. Then pull them apart again, repeating the motions. As you build momentum, the disk will spin faster making a whirring noise. Concentrate on what you want to draw in as you make these motions. Chant, pray, speak words of power. 

First published Noumenia News Issue 53

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