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Hello! I'm Alyssa, currently residing in BC, Canada with my husband and our dog(Bean), I enjoy nature walks and hikes as learning/reading about theology and different cultures. In my free time I also help manage an online gaming/Dungeons and Dragons community! I've been walking down the spiritual path for 15 years, closeted for a while as I'm originally from Alabama, USA. Being from the Bible Belt taught me a lot of what I didn't want out of spirituality. I believe we all deserve the freedom to question and push forward for better understand and knowledge.. and though it was greatly frowned upon in my small town I pursued the path I felt was right. I also decided to get ordained in the USA so people who feel similarly to me are able to have the life ceremony that want and not feel judged or frowned upon. I wouldn't give what I believe any title as I feel I am always learning and changing with new information. I value others opinions and thoughts greatly because that is how we grow. I would eventually love to become a Torchbearer of the Covenant of Hekate, and it is my goal to open a Sanctuary in Her name and help others down their own paths. In this I started working with a local shop to create a community in the Surrey/Langley area for Hekate, where we do monthly Deipnon and annual celebratory rites such as Her Rite of Sacred Fire in May...if you are in the area and would like to come please feel free to message me directly! Or if you'd just like to chat about Hekate (She is my favorite thing to talk about after all!) Recently I started working with the Sanctuary of Potnia Theron, and have been loving the journey it has taken me. I've met so many wonderful people and have already learned so much. I look forward to what lays next! 💐

Gif for space, will update this as we go! Have a blessed day!


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