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Rebirth Simmer Pot Ritual for the Winter Solstice with Hekate and Persephone

Rebirth Simmer Pot Ritual for the Winter Solstice with Hekate and Persephone

By Arie Bryant, Torchbearer

The winter solstice marks the death and rebirth of the sun. Sometimes, we have to say goodbye to our old selves or situations and “give birth” to something new. In honor of the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere, here is a ritual that Hekate and Persephone helped me create that uses herbs associated with winter. This simmer pot can help purify, protect, and help you heal, love yourself, remind you of your strength and bring peace, success, and happiness to your life.

Materials Needed:

Iconography of Hekate and Persephone (printed out picture or picture on a device will suffice)

Candle for each goddess (optional)

Oak leaves, mugwort, eggs or garlic for Hekate’s offerings. (Use what you have!)

Mint, flowers (fresh or dried) and pomegranate fruit or juice for Persephone’s offerings.

Libation of water, wine or pomegranate juice for both Goddesses

Any other offerings to the Goddesses you would like to give

Pine or pinecone for abundance

Rose for self-love

Oranges for purification and happiness

Cinnamon for success

Nutmeg for strength

Cloves for protection

Cedar for healing

Holly for rebirth (optional)

Cranberries for gratitude and rebirth

Lavendar for peace

Pot of your choice (I recommend at least a large size saucepan)

Water (Moon water works great)

Essential oils are okay substitutes if you cannot access the plants


Begin by cleansing yourself, your space, and your materials. You can use any cleansing method you prefer. Next, on a counter or table near your stove, lay iconography of Hekate and Persephone, candles if you wish, a cup or chalice, and a small plate in front of the images of the Goddesses. Offer a libation and other offerings and invoke the goddesses by saying:

“Hekate Phosphorus, light bringer, use your torches that you guide Persephone with to guide me on the path of healing, success, strength, peace, abundance, and self-love.

Hekate Apotropaia, protect me from those who intend to disturb my peace and success.

Queen Persephone, goddess of rebirth. As you slowly start making your way back to your mother Demeter, guide me to feel confident in myself and to become the person I am meant to be.”

Simmer Pot Ritual Directions:

In a pot on your stove, fill with water and set to medium heat. One at a time, put each herb/essential oil in. State your intention and what you want each herb to do. For example, you can say “rose for self-love” or “with this rose, I am confident in myself”. Once each ingredient has been added, stir clockwise to bring in your intentions. State your intentions as if they are currently true. “I am healed. I am confident. I am protected, etc”

After that, you may blow out your candles and turn down the stove to simmer and leave your simmer pot to fill your home with the energy and fragrance of your spell. Once you feel you are ready, turn off the stove and let cool. Once cooled, you can dispose of the ingredients. Drain liquid in sink or you can save it in a bottle if you wish. The liquid would be great for a ritual bath. Throw herbs/fruit in garbage.


Please note that all recipes and advice given in the article is the opinion of the author, it does not constitute medical advice. Natural products can still cause allergies or other unwanted reactions. Please do not burn, ingest, or apply any products to your skin unless you have considered all the possible side effects and checked the laws in your state or country. Recipes are provided for information purposes only, and you should not use them unless you take full responsibility for the effects and consequences, or lack thereof. The author nor Covenant of Hekate cannot guarantee any results of any spells or rituals. Always practice fire safety.

Further Reading:

Plant Witchery by Juliet Diaz

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Thank you for sharing this Ritual. I haven't done a simmer pot yet but I thought about it and I find it very interessting.

Jan 31
Replying to

Hmm maybe spring equinox? 🤔I think I might channel Persephone and Demeter for that one! I'd love to do simmer pots for each season. Thanks for the inspiration!

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