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Oceanic Hymns

Here are a selection of hymns to Hecate Einalian (one of which also includes Poseidon) that I have written over the years. I have used them in my rituals and as tools to explore Hecate's oceanic side. People are free to use these hymns for themselves in their rituals, or for their own oceanic exploration. Enjoy the depths of Her sea!

Invocation to Oceanic Hecate

Goddess of the Seas Hecate

I call to you!

Grand-daughter of the Oceanic Eurybia

I invoke you!

Marine Goddess of the Fishes

I ask of you to bestow your Watery gifts upon me

Open my mind to the dark depths of my subconscious

Reveal to me my monsters of the deep Oceans

Let your Mysteries ebb and flow like the tide

Illuminate within my dreams

I see you dancing upon the waves

As the Moon shines down on you

You smile and you laugh

But hidden beneath the surface

I can see you reflection; Your Shadow

Take with you Great Hecate

So that I may know freedom, love, Your Dark Mysteries and my reflection.

Invokes Hecate and Poseidon

God and Goddess of the Oceans, I invoke you

Earth-shaker Poseidon, Celestial Hecate I call to you

Lord and Lady who bestow the seas bounty and offer safe passage

I hail to you!

Teach me the wisdom of the horse!

Grant me the magick of the seas!

Reveal to me my monsters of the deep!

Lover and Mother of the Dog-headed Scylla

I call and ask ofyou

To help me understand the powers of the Oceans.

For divination for either through dreams or the Moon or Water bowl (in which case substitute the word “visions” with “dreams in the last line)

Hail to the Goddess of the Moon

Titaness of the Celestial Throne

I call to you Great Hecate of Old

Mediator of Souls

Liminal Life-Giving Mother of the Oceans

Send to me your prophetic visions

By the powers of the Moon and Sea

Let the dreams flow unto me.

Oceanic Dark “Krataiis” Hecate

This can be used either as an invocation, honouring or even as a pathworking to identify/explore your Shadow**- just use the visualisation this invokes inside you. You can also record this, and play it back if required.

** If doing the visualisation, take note of what the torch looks like that she hands to you, or anything else. They are likely to be your personal tools that Hecate is giving you to help manage the darker emotions. I speak from direct experience!

Darkness descends

Swimming to you

Treading water

I invoke you Great Hecate

Lady of the Waves

Oceanic Titanness.

The shaking earth vibrates the sea

Roars from the deep

Bubbles arising

Fear takes over

I call you Mother of the dog-headed Scylla

Krataiis Hecate!

Illuminate this darkness.

Pulled under

Cannot breathe

Heart pounding

Cannot see

Help Marine One

To face my monsters of the deep

Reflect my Shadow through the oceans mirrors.

Seeing breathing

Light I see

Legs merging

My blood I hear

I see you Terrifying Queen

Behold the venomous Hecate!

Krataiis Hecate!

Eyes blackened

Scaly skin

Red black tail whipping

Fear gone

For it is you Hecate of the Dark Seas

Who hands me the coral torch

To illuminate this sea of black.

Hail to Hecate! Mermaid of the deep! Oceanic One! I call to you! I invoke you!

Hecate The Mermaid (recited at the Hecate Symposium 2013)

She was born in the ocean arising from the waves in a time before humankind

And when life began, she gave it the spark of life

She is the ocean-

Forever flowing and fleeting

Deep as the ocean floor

And dark as its caverns

She is the Maiden, with her long blonde hair-

Playing amongst the waves

Laughing and rejoicing in the sunlight with jewels in her hair

She is the siren-

Seducing men with her turquoise eyes and voice

Luring them to their watery graves

She is the darkness-

Her blue and silver tail disappears as her body erupts with black and red scales

One bite and her venom will transform you into a monster of the deep, slave to your emotions.

Know who She is and what She wants from you:

Rejoice and play in the sun


Understand your emotions.

She wants you to cast yourself adrift so you can lose yourself in the sea

For it is within her ocean, you will find your reflection and your Shadow

She can see inside you, your heart and soul

She knows your path and desires.

So when you find yourself on the beach breathing in the salty air, feeling the tides roll in, reach out to her and dive in.

She is the grand-daughter of Eurybia, and the mother of sea monsters

She is Hecate, Sea Goddess and Mermaid

And you are diving into her.

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I love this, thank you so much for sharing and the ways you've inspired me! I've lived close to the ocean my entire life and I've always felt such a deep, powerful draw to it -- I'm excited to explore that more with Hekate's oceanic side! 🌊😊


Sandra Maria
Sandra Maria

These hymns and prayers are so beautiful, thanks for sharing.



Hail Hekate Einalia

A crashing wave rolls into shore,

From the depths of that wave,

You arise, wild and free.

Young, alive, ecstatic,

Your body wet from the sea,

Dripping and primal,

Weighed down,

Kelp wrapped around you,

Trailing behind you.

You look like a monster

Arising from the depths.

Einalia,, as a child

I too, stepped out of waves,

Draped in sea kelp.

Myself, a goddess of the Sea.

The mighty ocean, my friend

Riding the waves,

my body stretched out,

Moving at exhilarating speed

To come ashore

Then to swim back out

To do it once more.

I dreamed of you in those waves.

Your power seen as they crashed

Against giant boulders,

Pounding cliffs only to fall,


Post this as a blog post Bendis! 😀 We definitely need more oceanic hymns!


Sorita d'Este
Sorita d'Este

Thank you for sharing Hazel!



Lovely work, dear and thanks for sharing. Timely for me as I've recently been working with a title of "Our Lady of the Deep places". Here's some art (which you may already have), BB/E.


Yes, I know it well! And I included it in a more recent blog article. It's gorgeous!

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