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Celebrating Hecate on a Blue Moon

By Hecate's grace, under full moon's light, I stand in awe of the sacred night. Goddess of crossroads, keeper of keys, Guide me through realms where magic frees.

Luminous orb in the starry sky, Hecate, hear my humble cry. With your wisdom and mystic might, Illuminate paths hidden from sight.

Triple-formed goddess, trinity's embrace, Grant me your guidance, a lunar grace. Under your watchful, knowing eye, May my magic soar and dreams draw nigh.

Hecate, Hecate, moon's eternal guide, Walk with me through the night so wide. In your presence, I find my power, Blessed by this hour, this enchanted hour." By: Rev. Renee Sosanna Olson

What is a Blue Moon and what Magical Work Should We Do?

A "blue moon" refers to a specific phenomenon involving the appearance of an additional full moon within a particular time frame. Here are some facts about a blue moon:

Definition of a Blue Moon: A blue moon occurs when two full moons are within a calendar month. This is a relatively rare event, as the lunar cycle is about 29.5 days long, and most months only have one full moon.

Frequency: On average, a blue moon happens once every 2 to 3 years. However, the exact frequency can vary due to the irregularities in the length of months and the lunar cycle.

Amplified Magical Energy: Blue moons are often seen as times of heightened magical energy. Due to the event's rarity, they are believed to provide a powerful opportunity for spellwork, rituals, and intention-setting.

Extraordinary Manifestation: Blue moons are considered a time when intentions and manifestations are more likely to come to fruition. Magic practitioners might engage in rituals focused on abundance, success, and achieving long-term goals during this time.

Emotional Transformation: Blue moons are considered a time for healing and transformation. It's a moment to release negative emotions, let go of the past, and set intentions for personal growth and positive change.

Connection to Divine Feminine: Some magical traditions associate the moon with the divine feminine energy, and a blue moon can be seen as a particularly potent time to connect with this energy. Rituals and practices that honor the goddess or feminine aspects of spirituality might be emphasized.

Dreamwork and Divination: Blue moons are believed to enhance dreamwork and divination practices. It's thought that the veil between the spiritual and physical realms is thinner during this time, making it easier to access intuitive insights and messages from higher realms.

Enhanced Spellcasting: Many witches and practitioners of magic use blue moons for spellcasting that requires extra potency. This might involve casting spells related to protection, purification, psychic development, and enhancing one's magical abilities.

Focus on Balance: Blue moons are sometimes seen as a time to find balance within oneself and in life. It's a period to align energies, address imbalances, and work toward harmony and equilibrium.

Creation of Charms: Some magical practitioners create and charge unique charms or talismans during a blue moon. These objects are believed to carry the unique energy of the blue moon and can be used for protection, luck, or other magical purposes.

Special Rituals: Witches and covens may hold special rituals during blue moons, focusing on themes like transformation, renewal, and empowerment. These rituals often involve working with moon-related deities, elements, and symbols.

An Opportunity for Learning: Blue moons are also magical education opportunities. It's a time when witches and practitioners might study moon-related correspondences, lunar cycles, and their spiritual journeys.

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I didn't know much about the blue moon other that it is supposed to be a magical time. Thank you for sharing your knowlege.

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