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Grassy altar with red candles, a goblet and an icon for Hekate

"From Crossroad to Crossroad,
the Torchbearers and the Keybearers of your mysteries will always find one another”

~ Rite of Her Sacred Fires, 2010 - Sorita d'Este

What is the Covenant of Hekate all about?  The aims and goals, as set out in November 2010 - and which all our members agreed to are:

1. To establish an international society through which the history and mysteries of the Goddess Hekate, as the Cosmic World Soul, are studied, shared and experienced.
2. For each member to strive towards fulfilling their full potential in all that they are and all that they aspire towards becoming.

Membership of the CoH is Free.  We welcome all devotees of Hekate - CoH members are asked to complete a membership process with one of our Membership Centres - which includes a ceremony of dedication to the Goddess.   

Interested in joining?  Explore the list of Membership Centres and see which might be the best fit for you.  All members, regardless of which centre they join through will have access to our members groups and activities. 

New to your Journey with the Goddess Hekate?  We prepared this introduction to take you through some of the essentials.  There are also other free resources on this site for you to explore - and in the coming months our team of bloggers, many of them Keybearers and Torchbearers, will be adding a lot more material for you to explore too!  

The Covenant of Hekate continues to host the Rite of Her Sacred Fires every year at the Full Moon of May.  Anyone can participate, and anyone can host this devotional rite for others in their community too - both in person and online.  You can find the text and more information in the Sacred Fires section of this site. 

Grassy shrine to Hekate with offerings, candles and an icon.


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