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The Sacred Grounds of Hekate Potnia Theron & the Torchbearer Meditation Project has been launched!

Map by Simoni (Do not share elsewhere please).

Welcome to The Sacred Grounds of Hekate Potnia Theron! To see the full project, and a larger image of the map (it is very detailed!), you will need to go to the website linked above. It is too much to share here in one post! We have also shared a blog post on our sanctuary site with some extra information about how this project came to be and about our future plans.  

 It was always the idea of The Sanctuary of Hekate Potnia Theron (Sara & Lotus) to create an astral landscape and the idea germinated for many months before finally coming into fruition! Our initial project joined up with a CoH TB Meditation Project Bootcamp group, and we received several contributions which will be shared here in separate blog posts. (Or perhaps even as a page on the CoH website.) They are already available on the sanctuary's Sacred Grounds page. We wish to thank Diana, Catherine and Anne for their written contributions, and we also wish to thank Simoni for the incredible map she created for the space. Finally, we also wish to thank David who created for us a servitor as the Keeper of the Grounds and Priestess of the Temple. Thank you so much!  

The landscape contains a Grove, a Garden, and the Temple Grounds. It is imperative if you decide to do these visualisations that you start with the Grove! It is the home base of the space and the first place you will meet the servitor and get your torch. Throughout history Hekate has been associated with Sacred Groves, so we found it appropriate. Once you do that visualisation you can do the Garden and Temple ones. Please do not do any other visualisations within the landscape without doing those three first. There will be more visualisations added to the folder on our site as time goes on, which anyone is able to access. These visualisations will also be recorded once we are able to get some help with that aspect.

Again, please visit our website for more information on the sanctuary, the servitor, the astral space, and our future plans expanding this project.    Here is the very first visualisation of the project and of the astral landscape!    Guided Visualisation to the Sacred Grove of Hekate  


Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position. Keeping your back straight, relax 

your shoulders and then relax each part of your body, all the way down to your toes 

while breathing evenly. Close your eyes and begin to concentrate on your breathing. 

If you already have a breathwork practice you can begin that. (If you don’t have one 

you will find one on The Sanctuary of Hekate Potnia Theron website you can use.) Breathwork is important to calm your mind and get yourself into a different state of awareness; one where you can visualise your way into entering the astral realm. Imagine you are on a small island, it is so small you can see around it quite easily. When you feel ready, take three deep breaths; one breath imagining the vast cosmos above you, the second breath feeling your feet rooted deeply into the earth, and your third breath imagining the calm sea surrounding you. 


When you feel ready, imagine a path opening up and you are entering into a big 

forest. Use all your senses to become aware of the trees, of the path you are walking 

along, and of the night sky. Is the moon full, or is it just a sliver in the sky? As you 

walk, look around you admiring the beautiful trees surrounding you. Are they familiar 

to you, or do they remind you of faraway lands? Do you smell the scent of the earth 

and the leaves? Or maybe the sweet smell of flowers is in the air? Feel the breeze 

lightly brushing your skin and tune your mind into the sounds of nature around you. 

Do you hear leaves gently being rustled in the breeze, or perhaps owls hooting in the 

forest? Or maybe everything is still and quiet? You feel safe, you know nothing bad 

can happen to you in this sacred wood. 


See yourself walking along the path and approaching a clearing bathed in moonlight. 

Looking up as you enter the clearing, you notice that the sky is dotted with a myriad 

of stars. Around you a circle of trees is enclosing the area, their limbs touching, 

creating a perfect ring. In the center of this perfect grove of trees you see a fire is 

crackling and burning, sparks spiralling up, reaching for the sky. You understand now 

that you have arrived in Hekate’s Sacred Grove. 


Looking at the fire, you suddenly notice that someone is standing behind it, waiting 

for you. Her eyes calmly and warmly watching you. Instinctively you understand she 

is a priestess of Hekate and her name is, covered in a long, draped tunic, her head under a veil, a torch in her hand. She smiles at you and beckons you to come stand next to her. 

Moving closer to her you feel the soothing warmth of the flames and you smell the 

delicate scent of incense. You hear her voice begin to bless you. 


Lowering down your head to accept her blessing, focus your attention on the fire. 

Look deeply into the flames. Perhaps you see images or symbols in the flames, or 

maybe you see them in the spirals of smoke swirling up in the sky. Listen while she 

is speaking to you and if you can, remember her words. Be assured it is okay if you 

do not see any images and cannot hear her words. It is enough that you are there 

and experiencing this moment. When you are ready, look at the priestess once 

again, you will see she is holding out her torch for you to take. You know that this 

torch symbolises your journey into the mysteries of the Goddess, and from now on, 

you can use it every time you are wandering in the grove, and every time you find 

yourself in darkness.  

You graciously thank the priestess whereupon she steps back into the darkness and you can no longer see her. Instead you notice on the far side of the grove there is another path, one that was not there before. You will have time to explore that new path in the future. You decide to go back the way you came from, bringing your torch with you, and with the knowledge that from now on you will be able to come here to the grove at any time you want. It is a place where you can connect with Hekate within the realm of Nature. 


When you feel ready, thank Hekate for this visualisation, and before opening your 

eyes, start moving your fingers, arms, legs, becoming aware of your physical body 

and position. You may need to ground yourself by touching the ground or by eating 



© The Sanctuary of Hekate Potnia Theron ( Please do not share anywhere without 


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