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Devotional practices: Redefined

Keeping with the subject and following my last post I was looking forward to exploring more about the devotional practices that really make an impact on the world.

Not to invalidate any practice at all, the altar and temple work is valid and important, but I wanted to focus on "out of temple" work more than ceremonies, and shine a light on more "unorthodox" practices

Once, in the mists of a horrible global tragedy (of which we have many, sadly) I kneeled down at my altar and asked Hekate why, what, how. What could I do? How could I serve?.

The answer I got first, to my comfort was:

Find the Torches, Follow the Torches.

I came to understand that the Torches she meant where the people dropping everything to help. The volunteers, the EMDs, the cooks who where donating food, the doctors, the rescuers, the activists.

She comforted me in the thought that these were the people, literally doing the Gods work. These are the hands she has on the physical world, the souls carrying our collective evolution.

The Second answer I got later was:

Be a Torch.

I am proudly a Torchbearer for the Covenant, but I believe she meant in this instance:

Get your hands dirty. Do the work, volunteer, mourn this souls and in time, stop crying and get to serving.

From this moment foward I had to redefine what devotion meant to me. Yes it is an act of love for the Goddess, but what would be the practical, most hands on act of love than serving the world she rules over?

This is by no means a new concept. A lot of religions, temples and sanctuaries focus on this type of work, which I greaty admire. With this in mind I encourage you to find work you can do in your community, no matter how "small" it might seem to you, but make sure it's something to help other.

Become one of her torches in the face of darkness

Examples that come to mind would be :

  • Donating to food banks or better yet if you run a Sanctuary, create one of your own!

  • Volunteer work for animal shelters ( specially dogs, and they always need more hands)

  • Volunteer work for Refugee shelters and organizations (keeping in mind Hekate is a guardian of the marginalized, this would be very special)

  • Working in women's shelters and in Domestic Violence or Human Trafficking organizations

  • Even donating blood!

Another thing that comes to mind is using your "mundane" skills in service of the divine. For me, I am a trained Vet nurse (though I rarely practice, if at all) as well as a professional cook, so I could better work in animal shelters and serving in food pantries. For you it might be Social Media managing skills so you could volunteer by giving your time bringing awareness to not-for-profit causes and managing their media, ect.

Some of these touch upon Hekate's symbols and spheres of influence and dedicating your hard work in service of the Goddess will always make your relationship to her more deep and meaningful, not to mention the positive impact your hands and light will make in other people's lives and your inmediate community.

Let's explore more of working with the Deities this way.

In the darkness, light!


KB and TB

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Cece Pitts
Cece Pitts
Feb 13
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you for sharing this! I often feel like I’m not doing enough to serve the Goddess but I’m constantly being a walking example of courage, strength, and transformation for others to follow. I’ve walked through some pretty hot fires in my lifetime and came out alive each time. During the times I felt I wasn’t holding a torch, it was because I was the torch! Thank you for shedding light on this! 🗝️


Sandra Maria
Sandra Maria
Jan 25
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is so important. I believe that we all should do our best to bring something good to our communities and to the world. Activism for social and/or environmental causes are so important. We are part of this world and should do our best within our power to help those in need. For me this is the logical consequence of spiritual work. If you know and feel that everything is connected you do everything to protect life and those in need.

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