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Hekate's Temple in Lagina (Muğla, Turkey)

Last September, I had the privilege to return to the Temple of Hekate in Lagina, Muğla province, Turkey for the second time. My first visits were in 2015, and I was impressed to see how much things had changed. Ongoing excavations at the site mean that a lot more has been uncovered - and while it might take some time for some of the findings to be published and be on show, what little I have been able to learn about has been wonderful. It is especially wonderful to see the enthusiasm and professionalism which is being put into the work being done both at the site of the Temple of Hekate and the nearby ruins of the ancient city of Stratonikeia, which was connected to Lagina by way of a sacred road. I managed to walk a few metres on both the start and the end of this ancient processional way, which was very special.

I wrote about my first visit on my old blog over on Pagan Patheos - if you are interested, it is still live even though I no longer blog on the site. Click here for "A visit to the Temple of Hekate in Lagina".

Here I thought I would share, rather than discard, some film footage I recorded while walking through the site. It is not professional, it was simply a walk I did soon after arriving - it's shaky, and it won't win any awards, but I hope it provides a little experience for those of you who have not yet visited. A tiny (and bumpy!) glimpse!

Hope you enjoy :-)


Sorita d'Este

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